Notion de “Pouvoir solvatant”

POUR MIEUX COMPRENDRE LES RÉACTIONS MISES EN JEU DANS L’EXTRACTION DES COMPOSES AU COURS DE L’ÉLABORATION DU VIN   Le vin est une solution hydro-alcoolique acide (pH compris entre 3 et 4) et une dispersion colloïdale, constituée de nombreuses molécules … Read more

Green manure crops for a smart viticulture


Cover crops are defined as crops used to protect agricultural soils because it can maintain or improve soil fertility and productivity without direct costs for fertilizer, especially regarding legumes because they can fix their own nitrogen from the atmosphere. Actually, … Read more

Point of View


Fining and filtering for red wines: to do or not to do? Being a winemaker engages your responsibility on the quality of your wine, from the harvest to the bottling. Wine will be kept in bottle as you have made … Read more