About us

Vine & Wine consultant – Brandy making. General Management in Wine Business. Quality improvement of vines and wines. R& D. Technical and financial management. Business and marketing strategy. Expert in blending. Excellent human resources. 

Created and managed by Ludwig Vanneron, an experienced oenologist and graduate of Bordeaux’s University Wine Faculty, Oenosmart is a wine and spirits consultancy business offering solutions to the whole of the wine-growing sector.

Wine-growing solutions

Oenosmart will help you get optimal results from your terroir and the best value from your production costs. It will make sure that your own particular needs are met, while the means you have at your disposal are taken into account.   Oenosmart can partner you in:

• setting up integrated and environmentally-friendly vine-growing
• evaluating the potential of your vineyard plots and deciding on the appropriate vine-growing tasks to be carried out
• making the right wine-making steps consistent with the character of your grapes
• adapting the relevant techniques to make wines suitable for specific markets  


Research & Development

• we can determine and carry out experimental processes for you
• we can develop and manage your projects for you 


Economic strategy

We can help you in the following areas :

• establishing your budget forecasts
• interpreting and positioning your products (benchmarking)  
• fixing production and sales targets
• creating a range in keeping with the goal you wish to achieve
• sourcing
• improving your tools of communication
• developing a marketing mix approach 

Professional experience

1998-2006: During these eight years, Ludwig Vanneron worked closely alongside one of Bordeaux’s most internationally famous winemakers, whose consultancy business managed the winemaking at over fifty wine estates, from small château Bordeaux appellation properties to Great Classified Growths, in all the major wine areas of Bordeaux (Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, and Pessac-Léognan). The consultancy business also had clients in Provence (Cru Classé), Italy (Tuscany) and India (Bangalore).

2007-2011: Ludwig Vanneron then became Technical Manager for a top 200 hectare wine estate in Aquitaine. He was in charge of development strategy and looked after operational management on a daily basis. His responsibilities extended to diverse areas of production:

• Wine production:

- while managing 84 hectares of vines made up of 9 grape varieties, he created a clearly defined range of 10 wines (reds, rosés and dry and sweet whites). Numerous awards were won at French and international wine challenges, backed up by enthusiastic tasting comments and reviews (winning the “Coup de Cœur” in several editions of the Guide Hachette)

• Fruit-tree production:

-in charge of producing a cognac type, very high quality fruit brandy while creating a négociant company

• Cereal production:

-managing rotational crops grown on 55 hectares

• Livestock production:

-managing the farming of cattle and sheep

• From 2011 till present: Ludwig Vanneron has been the manager of Oenosmart