Smart thinking

“Good wine is not only made from good grapes, every single action is important. Vines and Wines will perform well mainly depending on human beings.”

Two conditions must be met:

  1. Know what you want to do.
  2. Do what is necessary to achieve your aim.

In other words, why and how?



Take stock of your situation and decide where you are. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do my wines meet the expectations of my clients?

• Are they suited to the markets?

• Do they constitute a coherent range?

• If the opposite is the case, do I have the means anyway (raw material and technical equipment) to improve the situation?



Once the answers to the above have been found, ask yourself these other questions:

• How can I develop my production tool to fulfil my aims?

• What actions (investments, selections, decisions and so on) must I undertake to have greater added value in what I am doing?

• How can I manage my time better and organise myself to increase efficiency and achieve enhanced levels of performance in production, sales, communication and so on?

• What wastage (lean) is holding back my economic development (management of production and sales, for example)? 


Here are some recommendations to help you succeed:

• Optimise your work in the vines by making sensible, carefully thought-through decisions and organising your work well.

• Assess which parcels hold the greatest potential through careful observation and monitoring different indicators which will enable you to:

1) Define how the work in the vineyard should be conducted

2) Draw up a structured action plan

3) Obtain grapes with a precise profile corresponding to your production objectives

• Act with precision in the operations and respect the deadlines.

• Determine the appropriate technical procedures in the vinification and ageing, in keeping with the character of the grapes.

• Consolidate what you have achieved so as to establish reliability in the quality of your wines. This will preserve your regular customers’ trust in you (and convince new ones of your trustworthiness).

• Progress with the help of the 4 P method of Marketing Mix:

            • Price

            • Promotion

            • Product

            • Place